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Risk Assessments at Events


Event Medic Services Ltd take risk assessments seriously and will always work alongside the contracted event to ensure these are robust and in place. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that a valid risk assessment has been carried out prior to the event taking place, following all the current guidelines to ensure these are up to date and fit for purpose.


These documents should be made readily available to Event Medic Services Ltd prior to the event or immediately upon arrival at the event.


The nominated person from Event Medic Services Ltd will also carry out a dynamic risk assessment when they first arrive at the event and also whilst the event is in progress. Should the nominated person find or observe any areas of risk that are of concern, they will liaise with the event coordinator to ensure these are highlighted and an agreed action is put into place.


NB: Due to the nature of many events, this assessment will need to be ongoing as the event progresses and we will endeavour to minimise any delays should changes be required.




Risk Assessment for Event Medic Services Ltd


It is the responsibility of the Managing Director to ensure all processes are in place with regards to health & safety; infection control and staff welfare at each event.


Event Medic Services Ltd operate to CQC; HPC and College of Paramedics standards and all staff adhere to Policies and Procedures as defined by the Compliance Officer / Managing Director. These Policies / Procedures are regularly reviewed and follow the most up to date guidance.


All vehicles are maintained to an operational standard and fully equipped in readiness for the event to be covered and the professional status of the staff providing the cover. Policies and procedures are in place for Infection Control and Health & Safety of not only the staff but the persons who find themselves in need of our services.







Financial Risks


Event Medic Services Ltd has been operational for the past 9 years and is a robust Ltd Company. Upon the contractual agreement for an event to be covered by Event Medic Services Ltd, the Managing Director will
discuss all financial aspects as per the information displayed on the contracts / booking forms.


In the unfortunate situation that an agreed event is cancelled by the event organiser, the Managing Director will have already discussed and agreed the procedure in this circumstance with regards to cancellation fees (if applicable).




Event Medic Service Ltd appreciate and recognise that failure of equipment can occur at any time and we have covered this unforeseen event by ensuring that all vehicles have a backup / reserve of all essential
equipment. All vehicles carry spare equipment and all of which is regularly checked; updated and serviced to ensure any unnecessary failures can be minimised.


In the unforeseen event of vehicle breakdown / malfunction we will endeavour to inform the event organiser in sufficient time to ensure a satisfactory alternative arrangement can be made. These arrangements will always be discussed fully with the event organiser to ensure that no provision of service is compromised and that the alternative cover provided aligns with the original agreements.


For further information with regards to any of the above, please discuss this with the Managing Director or his nominated person.

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